A R T I S T ' S     S T A T E M E N T
I've been away, living a wildlife, becoming part of landscape - rehabilitating what human nature I have left. I found Australian Landscape fading like a photocopied concept smeared with rot. I am now reconciling culture with natural landscape by reconstructing both culture and landscape. From cultural debris and last impressions of remnant original Australian Landscapes - by giving body to Jizz (a characteristic impression given by wild things) - I am reconstructing a cultural landscape with a place in it for me. I'm a true flying mammal finding home.
My aesthetics are a survival strategy. Qualities are essential: fig-purple among foliage, serpents on branches, a grace in natural processes, beauty - what looks good is good - all serving a survival agenda. I am seduced into this noticing of landscape - all its parts. I am artist / caretaker / gardener. We are all god alike: decisions matter. Our pluck: Our garden: Our choice. Art as imperative and strategy. Aesthetics - guides. Life demands beauty. Art requires life. I'm seriously, looking for a good time, frolicking in a garden. Landscape as cultural habitat. I cherish community - a collective will to live. I draw connections, paint jizz, cultivate grace.
Woo Wei
Michelle Denise Richards
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